It's not if you get termites, it's when.

built-in protection


The TERMITE CONTROL PLAN is the most advanced subterranean termite protection available for new construction.  It all starts at ground level with Patent Pending built-in termite control equipment under the floor of your new home to easily deliver an EPA Registered product specifically labeled for use with this built-in system to control subterranean termite invasions in a safer, quicker, non-damaging manner.  You can't actually see the built-in system because it's located in the key areas where subterranean termites, that you can't see either, enter a structure. The built-in termite control equipment is only operated by Licensed termite control companies that own and are authorized to operate it.

No need for techs to rip back carpeting and drill through tile or wood floors when you have subterranean termites invading your home. The built-in termite control equipment is under the floor in key areas of the foundation where the "silent invaders" enter to eat wood / cellulose based products such as wood structure framing, drywall paper, cabinets, wood trim, anything wood or cellulose related your home ! ) for food.

Homes without this built-in termite control equipment require conventional subterranean termite treatment which normally includes the interior concrete slabyour floor ! ) being drilled through approximately every 12" around the perimeter and various areas then termite control chemicals are injected under the structure.  Termite control professionals have to move furniture, rip back carpeting, drill through tile and wood flooring to inject these chemicals under the structure.  In addition to the inconvenience and time it takes, you also encounter safety issues and all the damage to the flooring materials from conventional subterranean termite treatment. You not only have the termite damage to the structure and building materials to repair, you now have the cost to repair or replace all the damaged original flooring surfaces not mention certain flooring will never be the same. Conventional termite treatment usually includes exterior treatment as well*.

With this built-in termite control equipment, you avoid the pitfalls and inconvenience associated with conventional subterranean termite treatment & repairs with less cost overall and eliminate the immediate payment need for big
"DUE NOW" treatment & repair expenses.  Moreover, TERMITE CONTROL PLAN is a much safer, quicker, and non-damaging approach to termite control done from a garage service port in your home by Licensed professionals.  Patent Pending built-in termite control equipment currently only available and legal in Oklahoma.

*Some situations may require only minimal outside / inside or additional conventional treatment with either or both methods of termite control.​​
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