It's not if you get termites, it's when.

your investment

Protecting your investment starts at ground level of your home. Each year termites cause damage to 100's of thousands U.S. homes with costs in the billions to fix that homeowners insurance does not cover

safer and quicker saving interior disruption, damage and repair costs plus adds to home value that's transferrable as an sales enhancement.

When (not if) your home is invaded by subterranean termites, it will have to be treated to control the problem.  You can pay for 
conventional costly treatment due at the time of treatment plus all the repair of interior damage to the structure and flooring materials such as tile, wood floors, carpeting and overall interior disturbance created when the concrete floor slab is drilled and chemicals are injected putting dust & vapor in the air or select the TERMITE CONTROL PLAN before or at closing. The TERMITE CONTROL PLAN eliminates the need and reality of a big "DUE NOW"  treatment expenditure and damage repair costs, not to mention, all the inconveniences associated with conventional subterranean termite treatment.

Increased Resale Value - The TERMITE CONTROL PLAN is transferable to any new owner of the property quickly and easily through this website as long as the TERMITE CONTROL PLAN is current and valid. This makes the TERMITE CONTROL PLAN an excellent value enhancing weapon to help sell your home if and when that time occurs.  It's not a matter of if you get termites, it's when.
  Patent Pending built-in termite control equipment and TERMITE CONTROL PLAN currently only legal & available in Oklahoma.